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Photo by David Nitschke, licensed under Unsplash License

A right winger supporting the anti-work movement

I'm a non-white right winger who understands anti-work movement. The phrase anti-work is more of a misnomer. Anti-workers exploitation is more accurate, but it's a mouthful.

Right wingers generally view the world negatively, thus we tend to support ideologies that control negative tendencies of human beings. Capitalism is the economic equivalent to Democracy. Looking at Democracy in negative frame of mind. It is the only political ideology that recognizes the selfishness of people, thus, it creates a system where the selfishness of one group cannot trample the wants of the other group. In Capitalism, it recognizes the greed of one person cannot trample other people's wants. Thus the capitalist/employer/shareholder cannot dupe the consumer for too long, or else they would buy from other capitalist/employer/shareholder. Also, the capitalist/employer/shareholder cannot abuse the workers or else they would resign or stage a strike.

Capitalism is right now a.k.a Late stage Capitalism is a mistake. The problem right now is that the balance of power at least in the US is tilted heavily towards capitalist/employers/shareholders. It could be traced to 1919 Ford vs Dodge case. Because of that case, US now upholds shareholder primacy. 2008 Financial Crisis also increased the power of capitalist/employers/shareholders by artificially preventing bad companies from folding. It is expected that the government would save them from their own incompetence. The system right now is basically an Oligarchy. Thus, capitalist/employers/shareholders can abuse the customers and employees because government directly or indirectly supports them.

Communism isn't really the answer. It only works on a society of perfect, sinless, and selfless human beings. Basically a society filled with Jesus Christ. Human nature is imperfect, sinful, and selfish. Communist system failed and will always fail because one or more imperfect, sinful, and selfish person can and will abuses the system. Causing death, and suffering of the people.

Probably Libertarian Socialism, Mutualism, or Anarcho Capitalism are the solutions.