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Apple, BBM, and the Cancer of Denial of Experience

March 22, 2022


Apple is a cult. A cult where their members deny their own experience. When something is wrong about the product, the product isn't defective, they are. Outsiders observed this cult, some of them made content about it.

Because of the cult, ordinary people who aren't that knowledgable, made decisions based from erroneous information. Added with status from buying an expensive device, normies now parrot the dogma of the cult. This feedback loop just has made Apple the 1st company that reaches $3 Trillion market value.


As for BBM, if we are looking at the demographics of BBM supporters, they tend to be from Luzon, and older. Manila was and still is the center of Philippine society, thus the government was and is most effective near Manila. Also, they have experienced socialist programs by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Thus, their experienced the positives of the late strongman.

Viewing PFEM's presidency macro wise, he has failed. At late 70's, the economy slowly going to the wrong direction, most likely due to 1979 Oil Crisis, an outside factor. The economy finally collapsed in 1984, just after Ninoy's death. That's why Leni supporters are making content why they are wrong, expousing "mali ang lola mo".

Leni supporters are trying to make BBM's supporters deny their own experience, instead of saying that their personal situation has been great, what the situation surrounding them was falling apart. Their explanation lack nuance, going at absolutes, thus it seems that are attacking with ill-intent. Some of her supporter even go to the point of insulting the opponent's supporters that they are stupid. BBM supporters also throw insults but that's for another day.

Complications makes for great segways

As for the segway, propaganda peddlers are taking advantage of the incogruency of their own experience and what happened to the Philippine economy, but again, that's another topic. I would also probably make a post about the economic crises experienced by country weren't really felt by ordinary Filipinos. I hope smarter than me would an article about that though. These factors makes explaing some topics really hard.

The effects of dogmatization of the left

Back to the topic, Apple tends to lean left. Apple users tend to lean left. Leni supporters tend to lean left. The left has slowly transformed to being https://theweek.com/articles/445434/how-liberalism-became-intolerant-dogma intolerantly dogmatic. The movement has become a religions, a cult. They always go on all or nothing, black or white approach. Nuanced thinking is missing. They also deny experience that doesn't makes sense about their reality. Because of the changes with the left wing sphere, Apple and BBM, are experiencing the phenomena of the cancer of denial of experience, with wildly different effects.